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e-chemistry.org.uk now online

A dedicated website to provide resources for teachers and students is now online.

The emphasis is on GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Activities


Updated Revision Activities in IGCSE/GCSE and AS-Level Physics and GCSE Biology

GCSE Physics

X-Rays in Medicinehttp://e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/xraymed/

Waves :   http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/waves

Light and Soundhttp://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/lightandsound/

Circuits 1 : http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/circuits1

Circuits 2 : http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/circuits2


Circuits 3    Pressure    Atoms and Nuclear Physics

GCSE/IGCSE Revision : The Eye



GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Questions : Water

The latest set of GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Questions is now available : Topic: Water

Now available here…..  http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/water

GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Questions : Air

The latest GCSE/IGCSE set of Revision Questions for Chemistry on the topic AIR  is now available at..


GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Questions . Topic : Carbon Dioxide and Methane

The latest revision set of questions for GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry is now available on the topic: Carbon Dioxide and Methane

at  www.e-chemistry.org.uk/quizzes/carbdiox  .

A SCORM package is also available for downloading  in the download area